Student Work

Are you trying to make sense of the world and your place in it through your studies, and still looking for a place that supports this search? This is what Building Beauty students strive for in the context of building and architecture.

The act of building mobilizes a wealth of resources — both within you and outside of you. It engages you with self and community, with ideas and feelings, theory and practice; manipulating materials, shapes and colors, while connecting you to nature, history, heritage, the lay of the land, and the people who inhabit it. Bringing all that together is the process of creating wholeness, which gives us a chance to restore ourselves and our world. That is what we do at Building Beauty.

The Founding Principles listed on the first page of this website describe the means by which that happens – the specific points that are emphasized throughout the program to bring about a change in one’s world view, the view of one’s self and space, and the environment in which our students live and work. On this page, we share what our students are making of it.

We are looking for students who have the heart, passion and vision to prepare themselves to make a difference in the world through architecture and the development of communities. We are happy to explore with you how this program can support your goals and aspirations. Contact us at

pergola finish.jpg

2018-19 Building Project

Building and making are at the heart of the Building Beauty program. This year’s project builds on the work begun last year, and includes the rebuilding and improvement of the trellis and pergola, and adding a bench, all realized in the North part of the historic Sant’Anna garden in Sorrento.

Building in the Sant’Anna Garden, Part 1

Building in the Sant’Anna Garden, Part 2

Inauguration Day 2019 in the Sant’Anna Garden


2017-18 Learning Journal

In the first year of Building Beauty we thought it important to show how this architecture program works, and for the students to describe their experiences of it in their own words. The Learning Journal takes the reader through the whole course, demonstrates the teaching method and shows how the work of the students becomes more sophisticated as the year progresses. Although changes are made to the syllabus in subsequent years as ideas are refined, the ethos of the program expressed here in the voice of the students remains the same.

2017-18 Learning Journal