Current & Prospective Students


In keeping with the principles listed on the opening page of this website, we are building a community that is undertaking an important investigation into how beauty can restore people, places and the quality of lives.

The principles have been with us since the beginning of this endeavour and consciously guide the creation of this program. The strength of this community and the impact of the contribution it can make, depends on the mix and interweaving of people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, educational experiences, passions, hopes and dreams. So, it is important that we get to know each other as each person works through the process of coming to a decision to formally apply for the program.

Experiencing what this community is, will inform the decision of each prospective student. As people get in touch with us to explore the program and how it can help them meet their personal and professional goals, we invite them to engage with each other and us. From each conversation, we learn more about how to develop the program in ways that support each prospective student. As we speak with students who have expressed an interest in the program, they are invited into a private Slack space in which they can have continuing conversations with each other and us. We believe such conversations are important to establishing the community that will carry the work of Building Beauty forward in a way that embraces the interests and passions of everyone who gets involved.

On this page, you are briefly introduced to our community of students, present and future, currently talking on Slack with Building Beauty staff and with each other.


Prospective Students


I am interested in human feelings in relation to beauty,

and I want to learn more about the art of creation to know the essence of forms.

Sushmita, from Nepal

Alex D.jpg

I am interested in creating beautiful buildings,

and in understanding the methods and principles required to restore our sense of home in the modern world.

Alex, from Australia

Alex Hilton.jpg

Where hands may be messy and drafts redrawn,

the BB Program seems to create a forum of its own kind. It is the careful conception of staging a space and its metamorphosis into a place characterized by the support of love and life that I find very intriguing. To have a personal connection with these ideas and those who value them enough to teach and use is of great importance to me.

Alex, from the US

David Carter.JPG

I want to be steeped in

the beauty that the world offers so that I can also give it back.

David, from the USA

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This way of thinking is not just necessary

but a vital evolution in the ways we can affect our build environment, for ourselves and for others.

James, from the USA


I want to find out how beauty evolves

..and how we can assist the process.

Hermann, from Germany


What drove me here?

Pattern Language guides me, architect-builder 25 years, working to make beautiful places for my people. Building Beauty is re-centering to guide MAKING next 25 years.

Andy, from the USA


Hope to find a truly holistic approach to what creation is about

..and how to create consciously and to find people who share the same.

Filip, from the Czech Republic


CLASS OF 2018-2019

Mohit IMG_20180613_075923.jpg

The idea of seeing a space through a different lens,

also the idea of breaking the wall of restrictions and Dreaming of possibilities without any fear…is achieved by Buiding Beauty.

Mohit, from India

Anushka IMG_7244 (2).JPG

I am in pursuit of understanding the concepts of beauty and wholeness

in a building, and also to create such experiences in urban areas.

Anushka, from India

John Killeen - Headshot (002).jpg

Steward of Creation

Architectural engineer and natural builder seeking to grow in my understanding of how truly beautiful places are created in this world.

John, from the USA

Saakshi IMG_0185.JPG

I would like to be part of this program

and experience the art of making new and innovative things that can add to the beauty of a place.

Saakshi, from India


I feel it would be great if one knows exactly

what he is imagining and how it should evolve, and once it does, how it should grow.

Ankit, from India

Ishwari new doc 2018-09-11 13.27.46_1.jpg

Building Beauty has

the methods of teaching and practical work I have been searching for.

Ishwari, from India

Class of 2017-2018

Ana Jancar.jpg

I am so grateful to everyone that made Building Beauty possible

and look forward to being part of it! It teaches what I always cared about and wanted to learn.

Ana, from Slovenia


I've read Christopher Alexander's work for years

To learn/practice APL, empirical principle/emotion-based beauty making that WORKS + transcends/corrects style.

Luis, from Puerto Rico


I am interested in studying the beautiful cities of the past

..and how they can inspire us to build better cities today!

Alex, from the USA


Humbled and inspired to be a part of a diverse community

..of intergenerational learners, practitioners and educators.

Michelle, from South Africa


There has to be an alternative way to think about built spaces

..than just as machines that serves quantifiable aspects. There’s so much more detail about and around us in simplicity and in simple forms.

Harsh, from India


I'm thrilled to find people

who teach and care about what I have found most beautiful about architecture.

Saman, from Iran


I've been looking for my people

..and it appears, to my surprise and delight, they are you.

Bryan, from the USA