Terrazzo and Ceramic Tiles: an Experiment on Hands-on Making

Saman Moein, Bulding Beauty graduate of 2018, has completed his Masters of Architecture in Architectural Design at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. He shares with us his Master’s Thesis for which he drew on many of his experiences with Building Beauty.

Saman thesis image.png

“This paper focuses on the intimate act of making, and its
value and place in a world dominated by industrial mass production. It first argues that the system of mass-production of houses in modern times has damaged the environment, wounded communities, and created inhumane structures. The paper, therefore, argues that the humane act of making, and local crafts, needs to be restored in communities and that the built environment cannot be built by harsh mechanical systems, suggesting that the architect should seek to bridge
the gap between the builders, and the designers.” Saman Moien

With this paper, Saman makes an important contribution by emphasizing there is low cost to adding these methods to ordinary building processes. There are many marvelous examples from different cultures as well.

Read the full thesis here.

Maggie Moore