The Nature of Order: Book 4, second lecture


The Nature of Order Seminar forms the theoretical backbone of the Building Beauty program. Students go through an exploration of the essential elements of Christopher Alexander's Magnum Opus The Nature of Order. The magnitude of the spectrum covered in this remarkable work offers students the opportunity to engage in a large reflection on the essential elements that come into play in making, at all scales. The course is a reading seminar. Students alternate in presenting chapters assigned each class. There are also presentations and talks by academics and practitioners relating to particular chapters. At the end of the year students make the connection with the practical making experience in the course, or regarding a topic of their own interest, in a piece of original academic writing of between 20-30 pages.

On April 1, 2019, Narendra Dengle presented The Nature of Order: The Luminous Ground, Chapters 3: The existence of the "I" and Chapter 4: The ten thousand beings (pp. 49-110). The presentation is followed by a discussion of questions put forth to the students by Muni Ashish Ganju, and some important remarks by Nikos Salingaros.

Maggie Moore