Duo Dickinson's Podcast on BEAUTY Home

“Beauty” can be a four letter word for fine arts sensibilities of any sort. The intellectualization of aesthetic innovation is particularly daunting when it comes to our essentials: preciously artisanal food, bizarre high fashion clothing, and the ambience and design of our homes. In the last few years, science has begun to understand that “beauty” is not a learned value of a civilization, but a hard-wired essential element in heredity. Some in the world of aesthetics see a direct connection to how we design with how humans perceive “beauty”: and when it comes to architectural design the elemental simplicity of what deeply moves all humans should not be ignored as nostalgia or pandering, but rather that baseline truth needs to be used in the creation of where we live or we fail our humanity.

Home has 3 thought leaders in the New World of Beauty, a world that lived before the Academy, and a human reality that exists independent of abstract construction or rationalization. That is is not always what designers can control, or reveal: it may be that “beauty” is a reality that is revealed to designers through the eyes, hearts and minds of those who use their designs.

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Maggie Moore