HOME: Live International Design Event Series 2019

Duo Dickinson will lead this year’s HOME event beginning March 12, 2019 at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time. To register, send an email to kerickson-duos@snet.net. Tune into live webcasts hosted by Building Beauty in Sorrento, Italy, and the University of Hartford in Connecticut, USA.

The link to access this free online streaming event will be emailed to all registrants in advance of the broadcast at University of Hartford shared with Building Beauty/Sant'Anna Institute, Alfred State College SUNY, University of San Francisco and available to view by anyone, worldwide.  The gist:  

Duo Dickinson speaks live to assembled students from Hartford,  Alfred NY, San Francisco & Sorrento:  

The Idea of Home: its universality, its deep idiosyncrasy, its protection, its public face, its intimacy, its dependence on culture and context; the largest clothing we wear, the most expensive thing we may own or pay for, the most valuable asset many of us have and the greatest liability. We are all experts on our own home: its program is of and by and for us:  

1) March 12th  11am EST/4 PM Sorrento/ 8am PST   1.5 Hour   LIVE!  TUNE IN!

A design by each entrant will be

 - 70 sq m (750 sq ft)

 - on a flat site: but one that exists. It can be urban, rural or any locale.

 - no budget consideration 

2) INITIAL DESIGN DUE  11:59 pm EST MARCH 15TH (Ides of March!)  Sent to duo.dickinson@snet.net    Entrants submit a preliminary design in any format you choose, but a single sheet  600 dpi x 600 dpi.  Show site, floor plan and exteriors in any way .  Your work will then be sent to advisors from around the world for review. 

3) PRELIMINARY FEEDBACK will be returned to submitters by APRIL 1st midnight EST (April Fool's Day) from advisors.   

4) FINAL SUBMISSION by 9AM EST  MONDAY APRIL 8th  Sent to duo.dickinson@snet.net

Entrants submit a digital square image 600 dpi x 600 dpi, compiling any and all input, reflecting their preliminary design.  The actual submission is digital. You can build a model and take photos of it, or hand draw everything, or use electronic media. 

 5) WE ARE HOME INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION: Friday April 12th   1PM EST/7pm Sorrento/10am PST Interactive worldwide session between critics, submitters and reviewers.  The link to be online will be emailed at least 8 hours before the broadcast. 

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Maggie Moore