Building Beauty Dispatch #7: Season's Greetings

Our 2018-19 students on the bench made by our 2017-18 students.

Our 2018-19 students on the bench made by our 2017-18 students.

Season’s Greetings from Building Beauty

Building Beauty Dispatch #7, December 13, 2018

As the end of the year approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your ongoing support of the Building Beauty program.  Our second year is in full swing; the students are enthusiastically immersed in learning and making, and are starting to see and understand the world in a new, more integrated way. 

Here are a few quotes from our students describing their dreams and aspirations as they began this year’s course:

“The idea of seeing a space through a different lens, also the idea of breaking the wall of restrictions and dreaming of possibilities without any fear…is achieved by Building Beauty.”

Mohit, from India

“I am in pursuit of understanding the concepts of beauty and wholeness in a building, and also to create such experiences in urban areas.”

Anushka, from India

“I am an architectural engineer and natural builder seeking to grow in my understanding of how truly beautiful places are created in this world.”

John, from the USA

 “I would like to be part of this program and experience the art of making new and innovative things that can add to the beauty of a place.”

Saakshi, from India

 “I feel it would be great if one knows exactly what he is imagining and how it should evolve, and once it does, how it should grow.”

Ankit, from India

 “Building Beauty has the methods of teaching and practical work I have been searching for.”

Ishwari, from India



The students begin the program by exploring the process of making in very personal terms on small objects of their choice. The process of “always making centers” is studied first in the context of making something special that is an expression of themselves.  Later the lessons learned are applied to making at graduating levels of scale. Again this year, master ceramicist Pasquale Ligouri guided the evolution of pots on the pottery wheel, painting, and the crafting of tiles.

personal objects.jpg

Then, as he did last year, Felice Tagliaferri, a blind sculptor, taught the students to sculpt their personal objects without sight. The purpose was to learn to not only see forms, but also to feel them.


We share a video that was made last year with the students as they worked with Felice as we reflect on our inaugural year and look forward to the year ahead:

The Feeling Hand:


Money Matters

We very much appreciate financial help to keep the promise of this program going, and especially to provide funds for students from less developed countries to attend Building Beauty.  For this purpose, we have established the Kyriakos Pontikis Scholarship fund in honor of our late colleague.  Please feel free to donate any amount to the fund, or to Building Beauty in general at this link:


Warmest wishes from us to you for a wonderful holiday season and a bright and beautiful new year!

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Maggie Moore