Yodan Rofè

Member of the Building Beauty Master Council and Program Commission

Yodan Rofè is a an architect and urban planner with over 20 years professional, teaching and research experience. He was founder and Board Member of the Movement for Israeli Urbanism (MIU) and served for five years as Head of Urban Design at Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing. His research interests include the building processes and structure of informal settlements, urban form and movement, accessibility and equity, cognition and feeling in the built environment and urban public space and street design. Together with Allan Jacobs and Elizabeth Macdonald he authored The Boulevard Book: history, evolution, design of multi-way boulevards published by MIT Press. Recently edited together with Kyriakos Pontikis the book: In Pursuit of a Living Architecture: Continuing Christopher Alexander's Quest for a Humane and Sustainable Building Culture published by Common Ground Publishers.







Video: Interview with Yodan Rofè

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