Tuition, Fees & Financial Support


Tuition and Fees for the 2019-20 Course

  • 10,000 Euros for students from Europe

  • 16,300 Euros for students living outside Europe

Accommodation Costs

 Calculated per person per month:

At Sant’Anna Institute: Single room 950 Euros; Double room 750 Euros

In Sorrento (average): Single room 1,050 Euros; Double room 750 Euros; Studio apartment 900 Euros

Less expensive alternatives may be available if 3 to 4 students share accommodation.


Alexander Family Scholarship

Entry profile: Female students

Amount: 5,000 Euros

Form: Contribution to Fees

The Alexander Family Scholarship is offered by Maggie, Lily and Sophie Alexander in support of women from any course of studies, compliant with the program’s entry conditions, who demonstrate good learning capability, a strong commitment to building beauty that changes lives, and engagement with the ethos of the program. We invite students in need to contact us at

ACBB Scholarship

Form: Contribution to fees

ACBB Scholarships may be available to students in need who can demonstrate academic excellence and a strong commitment to building beauty that changes lives, and engage with the ethos of the program. Access to the scholarship is agreed upon through personal engagement with students. We invite students in need to contact us at

The scholarship application (here) should be downloaded, completed, and attached to the application for admission, which has been extended and is now due by September 15, 2019.


ACBB Loans

Form: Contribution to Fees

ACBB loans may be available. The amount and conditions may exceptionally be adapted to special needs. We invite students in need to contact us at

Italian Study Visa Fee

If you live outside of the European Union, we recommend that you look into the student visa requirements for Italy well ahead of the course start date (at least 2-3 months ahead). For assistance with this, please see the information on the Sant’Anna Institute website at , and contact for more information as needed.

The Italian Study Visa process is administered by Italian Consulate offices throughout the world. Each Consulate administers student visas in a slightly different way, and the fees vary. Therefore, it is important that you review the specific requirements of the Consulate closest to your residence, as the visa process is not uniform across countries, or even within countries.