HOME: Our Place

HOME: Our Place is an international design event that explores the universal idea of home. Conceived by Building Beauty Faculty Member Duo Dickinson, FAIA, the premise of HOME is for students to design their ideal home, exploring what is meaningful to them in how they want to live, and then creating a design of a home that manifests those values and visions on a real site somewhere in the world.

The home: its universality, its deep idiosyncrasy, its protection, its public face, its intimacy, its dependence on culture and context; the largest clothing we wear, the most expensive thing we may own or pay for, the most valuable asset many of us have, and the greatest liability. We are all experts on our own home: its program is of and by and for us.

The 2018-19 Event

This year students from SUNY Alfred State College in New York, University of Hartford in Connecticut, and the University of San Francisco participated with our Building Beauty students in Sorrento. Following are the submissions made by students.

Carlina Chung, University of San Francisco, Craft Home Award

FINAL Carlina Chung_HOME_USF_USF_Apr2019.jpg

John Kileen, Building Beauty, Vision Home Award

FINAL John Killeen - Home Project  Poster.jpg

Randy Begin, University of Hartford, Place Home Award

FINAL  Begin_Randy Home Design Comp_Randy Begin.jpg

AgaJean Sarno, SUNY Alfred State College, Plan Home Award

Final Sarno_AgaJeanPresentationB.jpg


The 2017-18 Event

The event connected students and educators from three different institutions on three coasts and two continents: the Building Beauty program in Sorrento, Italy, and in the US the University of Hartford in Connecticut, and the University of San Francisco in California. It took place in March and April 2018, and included over 100 project reviews written by 15 critics from around the world.

The projects were presented by Duo in an interactive live webcast where students from all three institutions participated.  As part of the webcast, Duo also spoke about the primal importance of home as a basic human need, and its special significance in architectural practice today.

All Entries


Live Session Videos


2017-18 Winning Entries


Critics Prize

Ana Jancar
Building Beauty
Sorrento, Italy

"I grew up in a single-family house and I might want to live in a house one day again. But I realized that at this point in my life my ideal home is an apartment. As I am planning to spend the summer working in Berlin I have explored what a dream home would mean for me there. It is a simple but cozy attic apartment with a roof terrace, overlooking the canal on one side and an internal courtyard on the other. Its many windows fill it with light. The old wooden-boards floor and the flower pots placed all around give it a sense of belonging."


Book Prize

Jan-Hendrix Hohnk
University of Hartford
Connecticut, USA

“I am from Germany, and this house is located at the lake I grew up with in my hometown. It is inspired by boathouses and lake houses in South Africa. I thought it would be beautiful to live in a house like this and designed it for the competition.”