Narendra Dengle

Narendra Dengle is an architect, educationist, and writer, based in Pune. He has taught at the SPA New Delhi. His practice since 1974, is evolved around cultural, contextual and aesthetic issues. His works have featured in journals of architecture in India, France, South Arica, Italy, China and the UAE. He was the Chair of Design at KRVIA, Mumbai (2006-11), the Academic Chair at Goa College of Architecture, Goa (2012-2014) and is currently the Academic Chair at the PVPCOA, Pune (2015- ). His books include The Discovery of Architecture: a contemporary treatise on ancient values & indigenous realty co-authored with M N Ashish Ganju, 2013, and Dialogues with Indian Master Architects 2015.


Video: Interview with Narendra Dengle

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