Mariapia Vidoli

Member of the Building Beauty Master Council and Program Commission

Mariapia graduated in Philosophy at University of Parma, IT, with a dissertation on “The man in Ernest Cassirer. An active metaphysics”. A PhD student at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK, her current research focuses on Construction and Therapy as applied to cases of live-build self-build construction in both education and the profession. Her work draws from Christopher Alexander to explore a different form of building process. She’s co-author of scientific papers such as: “Construction & Therapy: an integrated approach to design build”, paper presented at the ACSA Conference in Halifax, in October 2014; “The production of cities: Christopher Alexander and the problem of ‘System A’ at large scale,” published in the Proceedings of PURPLSOC Conference 2015; "The city and the grid: building beauty at large scale”, in "The City is not a Tree: 50th Anniversary Edition” published in 2016; and finally “The timeless way of educating architects: a new master in ‘Building Beauty’ in Naples, Italy”, presented at the PUARL Conference 2016 in San Francisco, CA.

Dan Klyn